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Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness


Co-Instructor of Record (Academic Associate)

EDT 503 - Design Of Effective Communications


Course Description:

Explores the theory, research and practice of computer-mediated communication including principles of graphic design for the purposes of creating effective presentations, job aids/infographics and video/audio for educational purposes. Includes a focus on accessibility and Section 508 compliance.


This was an online course for Masters students. 45 students total took the course. I graded the work of 24 students. The full course syllabus and course evaluation is available upon request.








Selected Qualitative Evaluations


“She was very involved with her students and provided timely reminders to help her students be successful.”


“Professor Chapman was very encouraging about my contributions to the learning community, fostering my desire to continue to contribute.”


“She gives precise feedback, references the rubrics, and it is personalized feedback, not merely a form or “Dear John” style like other professors employ.”


“All feedback was specific to my work, with positive comments and any areas of opportunity noted.”


“This has been one of the best classes I have taken at ASU for engaging different learning styles.”




Teaching Assistant

ECS 316 (2 Sections) - Assessment: Evidence-Based Practices


Course Description:

Examines assessments appropriate to birth - grade 3 instruction to align curriculum with learner needs. Focuses on test design, interpretation, lesson design, and aspects related to multiple classroom and formal assessments.  Introduces designing, conducting, interpreting, and reporting teacher research, methods of research and fieldwork with children to improve teaching practices and child outcomes.


This was an undergraduate course with face-to-face meetings two times per week for one hour and 15 minutes per meeting. 55 students total took the course (26 and 29 students per section for two sections). I graded the work of 29 students. The full course syllabus and scanned evaluations are available upon request.










Selected Qualitative Evaluations


“She is knowledgeable about the content and provides effective feedback. I appreciate that she listens!!”


“I’ve never had a teaching assistant know me by name and be able to discuss assignments and specific questions the way Kathryn does.”


“She was extremely nice and helpful. I felt confident and was always happy to talk to her and be around her.”


“She responds quick, and edits your work in a way that helps you be descriptive and concise.”


“She was easy to listen to. She provided excellent, timely feedback, and she was very approachable.”

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